Dealing with the protocols of the Ministry Of Health…

There are many protocols from the Ministry of Health that have to be dealt with which we talk about at our first prenatal meeting, but two of them are problematic for the woman who decides later on in her pregnancy that she would like to have a home birth.  One is the big ultrasound scan that checks to see that all the systems of the baby look normal, where the placenta is, and amount of amniotic fluid.  This is done depending on the different health insurances  somewhere between 21-24 weeks of the pregnancy.

The second test which is problematic for late comers is the Glucose Challenge Test, which must be done between 24-28 weeks.  so it can also be problematic.  There are ways to try to cover the legal bases, but knowing when certain things need to be done helps.


2 Responses to Dealing with the protocols of the Ministry Of Health…

  1. Chana Kaye says:

    Hi Joyce! My name is Chana, I’ll be giving birth to my first baby God-Willing in September and would love to know if you would travle to deliver my baby in Chevron. Or if you have an idea how I can find someone who will?

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