Ready to learn more? I’m happy to chat with you about home birth, prenatal care, and doula options.

Feel free to contact me:

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  1. Christina Pulfer says:

    Dear Joyce,
    I got your contact details from Rachelle Oseran, whose prenatal class my husband and I are attending. My due date is around the beginning of June and we are looking for a midwife who would come to our home in Shoufat after birth and check up on us.
    We are from Austria and do not have any family around. I am planning to give birth at the Holy Family Clinic in Bethlehem and would like to spend as little time as necessary at the hospital. Luckily they have the policy to release you after 12 or 24 hrs. if everything is fine. Yet I would feel a lot more comfortable to know we will not be all on our own afterwards.

    We would be very glad if you could help us – looking forward to hearing from you,

    Christina Pulfer

  2. Dear Joyce
    I loved reading your website. I also read Akiva Tats and definitely related to his thoughts about the miracle of birth. I also feel if anyone has any question that “hakodesh Baruchu ” exists-than attend a birth, -there’s no question after that. 2 years ago I became a doula, and have recently been attending homebirths, which couldn’t be a more beautiful experience. If you might have a need for an assistant, please feel free to call . I live in the Modiin area and can travel to Jerusalem or tel Aviv. either direction -half hour. hope all is well, Michal Melamed CD Cappa, or

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