What you hear in Israel about homebirth

The general view in Israel about homebirth is a bit negative.  First off, the ministry of Health is against the trend.  Most run of the mill doctors are not only not for homebirth, but also try to discourage it as much as they can.  The general atmosphere is that if something goes wrong at a hospital birth, “well things happen”.  If something goes wrong in a homebirth, everyone involved are criminals.

Lately there were a couple of homebirths in the news that got complicated.  It’s on the news right away,  a general attack on homebirth.  What they fail to say is that there was not a licensed homebirth midwife at these particular births.  This they report after a couple of days when the general attitude has been set, and damage to homebirth has been done.  They bring doctors,  professors, to interview them, without reporting the details.  I mean if there wasn’t a midwife at the birth, that is an important detail the general public should know.

Another problem is M.D.A.  I remember a birth a few years ago, the baby came out with good coloring, but started to get cyanotic.  I stimulated her, she pinkened up, then again became cyanotic, we did this two more times, then I decided I would like follow up care on this newborn in the hospital, so we transferred to the hospital in an ambulance, but slowly.  There was no pressure at all, the baby was fine, I was being careful.  After a few hours it was written in y-net how M.D.A. had saved a babys’ life from the horrible consequences of a homebirth.  There was no truth to the story, I knew because I was the midwife.

The moral of the story is this:  When the next time you hear about something that happened at a homebirth,  wait a couple days until the details emerge, then make an opinion.  Was it low risk?  Was there a licensed midwife present?  Don’t take wrong information in, and let it control “your” opinions, and decisions.

I wish you all “happy,  beautiful, empowering births”.




About Joyce Butler

Home birth midwife in Israel, focusing on areas in Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh and more.
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