It turns out that people are very connected emotionally to their diets.  When I’ve met women in say the end of their second trimester, and start to talk a proper diet with them, sometimes I’ve noticed that I get an angry response.  So in a nutshell, do what you have to do to survive the first trimester, then try to eat lots of vegetables, and limit fruit to two or three pieces of fruit a day.  Try to stay away from fruit juices, smoothies, or a diet that is made up of too much glucose, and sugar.  Of course if you are a vegetarian cook building complete proteins.

There are too many cesarean sections in medicine today, and a lot of them are because of “big babies”.  Thank GOD we have access to a lot of good foods today.  Processed foods are full of many undesirable ingredients.  Take the time for YOURSELF to cook good healthy choices for you, and your babies.  Many partners ask what they can do to help the pregnant woman.  A good thing for he, or she to do is to make sure there is good quality available food in the refrigerator.  By the time the pregnant woman realizes she is hungry, usually she is already famished, and then will go to a sweet pick me up because her glucose is falling rapidly, and then she enters the fluctuating glucose game.

Just be aware, and you don’t have to be good everyday, just most days.



About Joyce Butler

Home birth midwife in Israel, focusing on areas in Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh and more.
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