Back again:

It’s been a really long time, many life things have happened, and are happening, but this is what life is made of.  My wonderful son-in-law, Yehuda was murdered when he was just trying to work, and put bread on the table.  My daughter lost the love of her life, and my  grandchildren lost their father.  I stopped writing then, and because I’m not computer savvy soon forgot how to get in my blog.  With the help of one of my computer creative birthing ladies, Liz Cohen, I was able to find my way back.

In the meantime birthing hasn’t changed, but the homebirth protocols have.  I must say that when I’m at a birth, I’m my most normal happy self.  I am so focused that all the difficulties of life are filtered out, and I become me.  I want to thank all my birthing moms who supported me in my difficult time.  You are my fresh air.  You teach me so many new things.  I love you, and just know you have enriched my soul.  G-D bless you, your children, and your partners.

I also would like to say here that my daughter, Leigh Ann is an accupuncturist, a massage therapist, doula, and teaches childbirth preparation.  She is in working in the Tel Aviv area.  Her number is 0523812889, and she’s great.  She also puts women back together after birth.

I am also doing a doula service for women who are afraid to homebirth, but would like to stay home for as long as possible, then we go to the hospital to birth.  Have to go now, but will write more.  You can call me at 0507967411.  Bye for now.


About Joyce Butler

Home birth midwife in Israel, focusing on areas in Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh and more.
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